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to the president." even california gas prices have dipped down, reaching below the 4-dollar mark for the first time since august. general motors' balance sheet is a whole lot stronger today. gm now has $11 billion in credit lines. meanwhile, the auto bailout that put the automaker on the road to recovery has come into play this election season, most recently with republican presidential candidate mitt romney suggesting chrysler would move jeep production to china, followed by the ceo of chrysler sayng jeep production will stay put in the u.s.a. more veterans are fighting for jobs in congress. a study by george washington university finds that more veterans are running in "winnable races" within their congressional districts. 107 veterans are on the ballot in today's election. the majority are running for re-election; however, depending on the vote, new names on the ballot could push the number of veterans in congress to the highest level since 1980. retailers are hinting at strong numbers this holiday season. a new survey from bdo usa shows retailers are the most optimistic they've been in 5 years.
are live in san francisco where it looks like governor jerry brown's tax hike to help california schools has passed. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. today is november 7th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. a lot of action last night. a lot to catch up to this morning. steve. >> yeah we have a couple days of sunshine and warm weather. fog is back. inland it will still be sunny but temperatures coming down with a westerly breeze. leading edge of our bigger change is leading into the pictures. 60s and 70s. here is sal. >>> traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. as a matter of fact we are looking pretty good in most areas. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 880 north and southbound. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news this morning president obama will have a second
, california pizza kitchen, and denny's are offering meals or food items. hooters will have free wings, and krispy kreme its famous donuts. applebees, chili's and olive garden are also providing free meals to any hero who stops by on monday. still to come, what was behind the market sell-off following president obama's election win? traders share their opinions later in traders unplugged. but first, in the wake of superstorm sandy, business owners are looking into disaster recovery options. learn how to protect yourself next, with bill moller. recently 2 east coast storms in 2 weeks. the weather can really wreak havoc, not just with lives of citizens, but also with the smooth operation of businesses. companies protect themselves, of course, with insurance, but more & more companies are implementing disaster recovery systems. let's talk with curtis peterson. he's vice president of operations for ringcentral, a cloud business phone system provider. and curtis, a business insures the hardware, but the point is they also need to back up the software, and that's what disaster recovery is al
% yesterday, but is down 80% since its ipo a year ago. california is no longer just dreaming of a better economic situation. it's slowly becoming a reality. one of the country's hardest-hit states during the recession has made some vast improvements in key areas. the state's unemployment has recently dropped to 10.1% - it was 11.5% just a year ago - while home sales in the southern part of the state jumped 25% in october. foreign car companies are on a fasttrack to the l.a. auto show. fiat, jaguar and hyundai are among the automakers dominating floor space at this year's show in an attempt to entice the all-important u.s. car buyer. meanwhile, in atlanta, porsche just broke ground on a new headquarters that will employ 400 workers. still to come, what could be the year's biggest record- breakers at the box office? that's later. but first, how to make your dollars go further during the holiday shopping season. that's next. if you missed black friday and cyber monday, do not fear. the biggest markdowns may still be yet to come. mark your calendars... free shipping day falls on december 17t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4